Conference Calling Facility

TalkShoe is the facility we use for making our weekly online conference calls, as well as for accessing and subscribing to the recorded sessions as podcasts.

You can join the sessions live using your landline or cellphone, the web, or using various VoIP technologies like TalkShoe’s own free ShoePhone. Please see our FAQ page for more information on how to quickly set yourself up to join in the sessions!

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Announcements Mailing List

We have an email list for infrequent administrative announcements regarding The Objectivism Seminar (like announcements of upcoming topics). Everyone should join this one!

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Open Discussion Mailing List

We have an email list for open discussion of anything and everything from The Objectivism Seminar. Subscribing may mean receiving several messages per day (but you can have them delivered in one message so your inbox doesn’t get too cluttered).

Once you’ve subscribed, you can also use this handy shortcut address for sending:

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