The Usual Suspects

Want a face for the voice? Here are some of the regulars who have participated consistently over the years (and who don’t mind being included in this Rogues Gallery).

Greg Perkins

Greg Perkins Greg is a software engineer and entrepeneur living in Boise, Idaho. He has studied Objectivism for more than two and a half decades, with some writing and speaking along the way. Greg created and manages The Objectivism Seminar and Objectivist Answers, and was the co-host of Dr. Diana Hsieh’s Philosophy in Action Q&A radio show for nearly five years. He also plays jazz saxophone professionally in groups such as The Sidemen and Onomatopoeia, and enjoys CrossFit, mountain biking, and snowboarding with his wife Tammy.

Kyle Haight

Kyle Haight Kyle is a software engineer, currently working at Amazon/Lab126 on the Kindle e-reader. If you’ve ever downloaded a book to a Kindle Paperwhite, he says “You’re welcome.” He first read Ayn Rand in 1987 but didn’t really figure out the “philosophy for living on Earth” part until the 21st century. In addition to his ongoing participation in the Objectivism Seminar he has spoken several times at ATLOSCon, the regional conference of the Atlanta Objectivist Society, on topics ranging from “The Selfish Society” to what’s wrong with so-called ‘prudent predation’. In his spare time he reads (a lot) and occasionally carves out time to play a video game. He lives in San Jose, California with his wife Anne, whom he loves, and a lovebird named Marshmallow that he’s still not entirely sure about.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith Roger read The Fountainhead in November of 1964 (almost 50 years ago.) and it is not much of an exaggeration to say that he has probably thought about Rand and her philosophy almost every day since then. His interest is primarily in her epistemology and how her thought connects to philosophy in general.

… more to come!